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PC Tools Firewall Plus



Program available in: English

Program license: Free

Program by: Pctools

Works under:Windows Vista

PC Tools Firewall Plus is a robust firewall program that keeps your computer safe. Firewalls act as a buffer and prevent bad files or connections from affecting your computer. This program is made specifically for both new and advanced users. Both will be extremely happy with this firewall program.

Main Features

This program helps both new and advanced users set their firewall. For newer users, the program comes with intuitive controls and has default settings that are ideal for balanced protection. In fact, most users don't even need to touch the settings. You can switch to the advanced settings with ease and then control every little aspect of your firewall.

Logs Activity

Another great feature is that this program logs all activity on your network. If something seems to be moving sluggish, then check the activity log to see if someone is attacking your computer. This can help you ramp up security as needed.